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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween Weekend

So this halloween weekend was kind of uneventful in terms of parties. I hit up one party, and since i promised Anny I wouldnt smoke, drink, or get high. So it wasnt anything too fun.... Anyways!

Thursday, I attended the first rehearsal thing for Anny's one act play competition. Shes a drama kid, so it was fun. I'm not much of a theater person, but this was a fun experience. Their play was called: "Neighborhood 3: Requisition of Doom". Long story short, dont let your kids play scary video games...

The stage

Friday, I sorta just got home and chilled. The weather is terrible. I know that its like a change of scene from our usual sun filled days, but its starting to annoy people. But ionno, I kinda like it...

Saturday (Halloween) I went to go see the one act competition that their drama kids entered. Hillgrove placed 2nd, and the actress in their group that i liked the most got overall best actress. Sooooo kind of an exciting day. Ionno I feel like I've been hooked, and for some weird reason I felt proud of them. The thing about a one act play competition is that not only do they judge on how well you act, but also on a time. 55 minutes is the limit, and on Thursday when I saw em they were over, but saturday it was picture perfect. Even though they got 2nd, you could tell they were the crowd favorite.

In my car. Cleaned it out on Friday, its soooo nice now ><

Fresh much? I need to cop a pair of Societies when i get paid

Middle of freakin nowhere. Seriously, if you gave me a map of GA, I do not know where the hell i am...\

The stage.... Smaller, but it was to their advantage, not as much echo, so you could hear them better.

My Anny... so pretty

So today, I've just been chillin, doin some hw, had dumplings for dinner... Yep lazy Sundays are the best.

Stay safe!

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