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Thursday, June 18, 2009

First Blog

So ive always wanted to get a blog. After readin Ben baller for almost a year, and my friend Sayuka gettin one, I guess it was high time to get one too

So today was pretty good compared to my last two days. Went to the doctor and figured out that i had a minor ear infection. (lost a bet to Chris T.T). Got some prescription for it, but didnt really need it that much, so im just gunna wait it out

Then took Sonny (VW GTi, pics tomorrow hopefully), and picked up Chris to go to the Y. Got some good practice in, fav of all day was actually Take Control by Amerie ft Se7en. Havent used that song in ages, its always got some good parts if u know the song well enough.

So funny story, that day i decided to floss my green jbwkz stack shirt, and when i walked into the Y, some people who were working up front were like: "holy shit are jabbawockeez?" And I'm just like..... uhhh no sorry... Really akward. Probably one of the last times i wear my jabbawockeez shirt, its kinda embarresing.

Anyways, then we went to panda express, i think im in love with orange chicken (and tomorrow I wont...)

Anyways I just got home from what started out as a duty call for one of my more weirder friends, Eric Lei. You ever met one of those guys who hates you, and you hate him, but somehow u two are like close as hell? Yea well the man is a workin man, Johnny Rockets, host. I gave him a ride home, then Jk called me up. This girl is the type of girl who u hate her guts, but shes fun to be around. You'd never go to her for help, but ud always wanna invite her to a party. Anyways we meet for coffee, her lil sis ( who is in my class) is also there, Jennifer Kim. Good ol grouchy Jennifer, we catch up, talk about cars, life, and I come home.

Anyways tomorrow is Lake Lanier with C-Neezy >< Gunna be a fun road trip, some of her old friends from her church are goin, so its gunna be interesting. Have pics up definately.


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