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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Lake Lanier+Chris Suprise Bday

So two days ago I went to lake lanier with chris, and some of her viet friends from church. Lake Lanier got a new waterpark, and we had some fun, and i got burned like freakin bacon...

Me and Chris

Chinh looks like one of those kids from the feed Africa ads :X

Jamie fell asleep

And then yesterday was Christina's bday, so about 2 weeks before, i planned a suprise bday party. Only a few people came, but it was still a success.

Xin Yu and Missy lookin at XY's pants...

The table.

The cake
So-Mi, the only present giver XD

Anyways, plans for this week are to find a job, and make a good impression at the FSA auditions next saturday. Its high time I found a real crew and make some real progress.

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  1. Whaa!
    Sorry for late response,

    Happy Birthday!!!
    You are finally 18.
    I hope you will have a great year!!