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Friday, May 7, 2010

Alright so heres my first reflection on my highschool years.

We're going to take it back to about end of Junior year and the beginning of senior year. My entry into fashion

Now for those that know me (my friends), they know the time and money I put into my personal appearance and my wardrobe. Now I'll tell you. Thats alot. Alot alot alot. Why did I begin my descent into this hell? Let me think. I like to blame FM for the song Fetish, but its always been more.
I love my personal appearance, I care alot about how I look, sometimes for others opinion, sometimes just for myself. And among fashionable people in highschool, its like theres this unspoken race for which kid with minimal paying jobs is the freshest. I like to think I'm winning with the Asians, and somewhere near 3rd or 4th among the school.... But I feel that as you get older its less about competition and more about appreciation.
So that is the first thing I'm going to miss. The excitement of the pickup, and the anticipation of shittin on everyone. Because I feel that when I get to college, school wont be where i showoff. It'll be more outside. And by that time I'll be so focused on school, any cops will just be for me personally. Thats not to say I've never copped anything even though I didnt really like it. But lets face it. Two black Supras? The Black tuf Skytops and Black Suede Vaiders? Thats slightly repetitive. But in essence, I feel like everything I cop will be alot more important and have more quality to me.

Not a very deep reflection, but its a start...

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