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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

So some stuff I've been thinking about

I've realized that I'll never get a proper farewell to highschool. I'm not going to graduation, and I'm leaving early. I think I'm going to regret it. Its been a fun mother fuckin ride. I remember when I first started high school. I think the reason I'm going to miss this so much is because I've made so many memories here, and I've had so many memories I never got to make here..... So many people I never got to know, so many girls I never got to.... :P

And its not just leaving highschool physically. Its a mental thing. I'm growing up fureal. Its a new stage in life. So in a sense, it not just memories of this school, but of these years.
Lets think....

Girl in the class
Piano girl
the three amigos

theres just some stuff. I'm sorry to myself, and a little bit to them. I dont know. I need to clear my head.

Schools almost over. Damn.

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